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We have developed a highly professional approach to designing and producing interior fabrics over our two decades of experience in the design and production process. We continually improve our processes to deliver more advanced, more inspiring and more cutting-edge products.

Embedded in a European textile heritage and surrounded by the European design culture, we create fabrics for real people. Centuries of textile production knowledge, history and design are part of the heritage that inspires our products.

We create fabrics with a high artistic value. We invest in a strong artistic team and stimulate creativity. Our artistic value goes far beyond our price level.

As a team we strive to be the most reliable supplier for our customers. Whether it be on delivery terms, agreements or deadlines, we do what we say and we say what we do.


Each of our products is tailored to the needs of a specific customer or end-user. Therefore each design or solution is exclusive to one of our clients. We take pride in creating bespoke solutions.


Our aim is to create sustainable solutions. Each yarn, production, packaging and transportation method is carefully considered in the process of creating the most sustainable fabric for each individual customer.

We are consistent and truthful in the way we approach our company values, our design and production processes, our customers and our team.