sustainability sustainability


We aim to be a truly sustainable company. Not only do we carefully consider every material that is used when creating fabrics, we also do our best to ensure that all of our processes and production units are sustainable.

These are the recommendations we have followed to date to reduce our ecological footprint:

  • Our entire electricity consumption is generated solely through renewable energy sources. This means that our electricity consumption is entirely carbon neutral. (Scholt Energy Control, Green Certificate 2014-2015).
  • All our offices and workplaces are heated with the heat recovered from the compressors that supply our air-jet looms with compressed air. We have never consumed additional energy to heat our offices and workspaces.
  • We systematically work towards preventing wastage by continually improving our operation control processes, resulting for example in a less-than-1% rejection of fabric at the inspection stage.
  • The unavoidable waste is sorted very carefully to be re-used and recycled. Our waste is sorted into 20 fractions. Our waste collection is handled by certified waste collection companies. 
  • Our main suppliers are located within a radius of 30 km. This helps us to reduce emissions from transport.

Since working on sustainability is an ongoing process, we continually seek to improve in this area. We will keep you informed here on all action we undertake.